Software Testing Training in Chennai



Software Testing is a process of rating properties of a computer program to decide whether it meets the specified requirements and produces the desired results. In this process we can identify the bugs in software project. Software Testing is an important part in the SDLC process.


Black Box Testing – Tests the functionality of software.

White Box Testing – Checks various internal software and coding.

Unit Testing – Programmers check the modules of software.

Incremental Integration Testing – Test the program continuously.

Integration Testing – Check the modules when they are integrated.

Functional Testing – Deals with the output of the software.

System Testing – Provides a result for the entire software system.

End To End Testing – Shows the software which were developed in the real world.

Sanity Testing – Tests the software ability.

Regression Testing – Shows various modifications.

Acceptance Testing – Checks the popularity of software.

Load Testing – Checks how the software will react under pressure.

Stress Testing – Checks productivity of software.

Performance Testing – Checks the performance ability of the system under various real world conditions.

Usability Testing – Checks its user friendliness.

Uninstall\Install Testing – Checks installation, upgrades, uninstallation process.

Recovery Testing – Checks the time taken for the software to heal up from the probable crashes.

Security Testing – Checks the difficulty that the hacker will penetrate into software.

Compatibility Testing – Deals with how the software reacts with the presence of other software.

Comparison Testing – Test the software to its previous version.

Alpha Testing – Creating virtual environment.

Beta Testing – Final testing done by real end users.


Getting high quality software that means it has less defects or issues.

Conformance to specifications and interoperability with other software.

Entails less expenditure on capital investment, hiring and infrastructure.


Today’s competitive world, from the middle level organization to large organizations, they are hiring very knowledgeable and creative professionals to work hard. So doesn’t matter if you are fresher or experienced; you have enough skills means, that would enhance you to be placed in your dream company. These days many companies looking for Software Tester to test various software’s. Numerous opportunities are there for both fresher’s as well as experienced software testers in today’s IT market. Fresher’s, who want to build a career in software testing field, learn Software Testing Training.

Software Testing Training in Chennai


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