Benefits of Python Over Other Languages


Benefits of Python over Other Programming Language


Python is an interpreted, interactive, high level programming language similar to PERL that has gained the popularity because of its clear syntax and readability which is easy to learn and portable.

Benefits of Python

Presence of Third Party Modules

The Python Package Index (PyPI) contains numerous third-party modules which make Python capable of interacting with most of the other languages and platforms.

Extensive Support Libraries

Python provides a large standard library that includes areas like internet protocols, string operations, web services tools and operating system interfaces. Many high use programming tasks have already been scripted into the standard library that reduces length of code to be written significantly.

Open Source and Community Development

Python language is developed under an OSI-approved open source license, which makes it free to use and distribute, including for commercial purposes.

Its development is driven by the community which collaborates its code through hosting conferences and mailing lists, and provides for its numerous modules.

Learning Ease and Support Available

Python offers excellent readability and uncluttered simple-to-learn syntax which helps the beginners to utilize this programming language. The code style guidelines, PEP 8, provide a set of rules to facilitate the formatting of code. Mostly the users and active developers resulted in a rich internet resource bank to encourage development and the continued adoption of the language.

User-friendly Data Structures

Python has built-in list and dictionary data structures which is used to construct fast runtime data structures and provides the option of dynamic high-level data typing which reduces the length of support code.

Productivity and Speed

Python has clean object-oriented design, provides enhanced process control capabilities, strong integration, text processing capabilities and its own unit testing framework which contribute to the increase in its speed and productivity which is considered a viable option for building complex multi-protocol network applications.

Applications of Python

GUI based desktop applications.

  • Image processing and graphic design applications.
  • Scientific and computational applications.

Web frameworks and web applications

Enterprise and business applications

Operating systems

Language development




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