Introduction to Python for Big data Analytics


Hi everyone, if you are a fresher or experienced having lot of queries for learning which programming language. Don’t worry… we are providing a Webinar on Python for Big data Analytics. The title of the webinar is . We will be discussing the essential topics in detail and any queries can be rectified during the session.

Topics to be covered:

  1. Introduction to Python
    2. Python and Big Data
    3. Python and Data Science
    4. Key features of Python and their usage in Business Analytics
    5. Business Analytics with Python – Real world Use Cases

Why Python?

Python is an interpreted, interactive, high level programming language similar to PERL with ease of accessibility, readability and having a simple syntax. Python is a preferred choice among professionals looking into Big Data Analytics and its feature of being a general-purpose, high level programming with a gradual learning curve makes it popular as compared to other programming languages.

Need for Python

Nowadays, most organizations would shift their emphasis to Big Data Analytics with an expected investment of over $50 billion. A simple and scalable tool is needed to analyze the big data, which has been answered by Python. In the today’s situation some of the most top organizations from search engine giants, like Google to NASA that are using Python for different purposes.

For more information also check out our on ‘Big Data Processing with Apache Storm’.

 Click here to obtain Source !   

If you have any queries?..Mention it in the comment section, we will clarify you!


Learn more about Python for Big Data Analytics



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